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"By cooperating with nature,
our landscapes are fundamentally
lower maintenance as well as
beautiful to look at and easy to live in."

Our landscapes and gardens live, breathe, and are ever changing. Routine maintenance helps to guide and direct the landscape as it grows. We prefer to discover problems before they become a crisis because small problems usually require simple fixes.

This is why we offer a maintenance program. All of our clients' landscapes receive individual care. We use the best horticultural practices, and over the years we have found that if we cooperate with Mother Nature, she will do the hard work for us.

Here are the landscape services and enhancements we provide:


  • Pruning - Shrubs and Ornamental trees

  • Edging and Mulching

  • Fertilization programs for all varieties of plant material

  • Minor hardscape repairs and additions

  • Landscape lighting installation and augmentation

  • Pond Maintenance

  • Leaf Cleanup

  • Weed Control

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