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"We believe a beautiful garden

can greatly enhance
the quality of our lives."

Our top priority is to use the best horticultural practices. Whether we're installing one shrub or twenty trees on your property, every plant will receive the attention it needs to reach its full potential.


When planting trees or large shrubs, we follow the best arborculture practices by removing the burlap and the cage from the root balls. We break up compacted soil and remediate girdling roots.  Finally, we check each tree to confirm that the root flare is showing above the soil, assuring the tree or shrub is not buried too deep in the soil.


The health of your soil is equally important. Soil tests are often taken to determine pH. Poor or thin soil is amended when necessary, and all plant material is adequately watered at the end of each work day.


Upon completion of a project, we will walk you through your landscape and discuss how you can keep your new investment healthy and beautiful.



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