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"The best part of my business
is meeting new clients and being able
to interpret their ideas and goals
into new life as a garden. I love it!"

We love to create beautiful landscapes because they can change the lives of our clients. We take a personal approach to the creation of a landscape and work closely with our clients to ensure that their new landscape is exactly what they need it and want. Here is our process:


Consultation: Every design project we take on begins with a client consultation. Claire Schuchman, owner of Exceptional Gardens and experienced landscape designer, will meet with you to discuss and explore your vision for the future of your landscape.


Base Plan and Proposal: Once we have an understanding of what your landscape needs to be, we can begin to calculate exactly what it will take to make that concept a reality. We will measure your property and create a base plan for the design, take soil samples, and calculate the estimated cost of materials for the project.


Design Phase: When all of our information is gathered, work at the drawing table will begin. Claire will combine her plant knowledge and her aesthetic sense to deliver a plan that will bring new life to your landscape.

"I believe a beautiful garden
can change your life."